Grief/Sympathy Box - Box of Comfort

A gift to comfort the five senses through difficult times

Sickness • Recovery • Hospice • Sympathy • Divorce • Pet Loss

Gifts within the Box

  • Sight

    Thoughtfully chosen to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand and etched with the words love, comfort, and healing. This gift supports the mission of No Stomach for Cancer.

  • Smell

    Enjoy the serenity of this clean, all natural 100% soy wax comfort candle. This candle is scented with lavender a fragrance long known for its relaxing, calming properties. A pleasing mix of florals and herbs helps to craete this beautiful and peaceful aroma. This gift supports the mission of The Children’s Heart Foundation.

  • Sound

    Facing life's most difficult storms can be overwhelming to try and weather on our own. When you receive a box during an illness or in times of grief, it can be comforting to know that someone is praying for you and that you are not facing this on your own.

  • Taste

    These traditional light and crunchy Italian cookies are packaged with a sampling of chocolate chip, lemon and cinnamon sugar.

  • Touch

    The sense of touch is represented through the plush, white, cozy blanket. Like a warm hug, it will wrap your loved one in comfort. This gift supports the mission of Casa International de Oracion.

Instead of flowers,

send something truly impactful they will always remember
Charitable Give Back

Each gift supports a special cause and mission of giving back through various forms of charity. Know that through the purchase of this box, a difference has been made in many people’s lives.

Locally Made

We are a small business and have carried this value throughout all aspects of the box. The box, and all the gifts within, are made by small businesses here in Arizona.

Repurpose into a Keepsake Box

Unlike a traditional gift basket, this box will become the perfect place to store all the meaningful items that your loved one received during their journey.

Take a Look Inside a Box of Comfort

Box of Comfort

A gift to comfort the five sense through difficult times


“We received this gift after losing our family pet. The whole family was in tears as we were so moved by the thoughtfulness contained in the beautiful wooden box. In times of grief it is natural to feel numb. This box invites you back to your senses while doing something good for other in honor of the one you lost. Truly a beautiful offering.”

“I bought this box to send to my friend who lives out of town and was recovering from a difficult surgery. She said it was the most thoughtful gift she had ever received! Each individual gift was more special than the last and all perfectly appointed for her to use as she convalesced. So glad I found this website. I may never send flowers again.”